Bussers/Runners (Weekdays/Nights/Weekends)

Bogota Latin Bistro is hiring experienced, professional and friendly busser and runner staff to join our team. Our restaurant is busy and our busser/runner staff is making money! Prior NYC fine dining experience is needed, and you must be fully available to work ANY shift Friday through Monday. We are hiring Full-time and are looking for people with complete schedule availability to work a combination of lunch, brunch and dinner shifts. Feel free to fill out our application or visit us Tuesday through Friday 2 pm to 5 pm and ask to speak to a manager.

Job Duties

What Are the Responsibilities of a Restaurant Busser/Runner?
Commonly referred to as bus boys, busser/runners take responsibility for the cleanliness and overall appearance of the dining area of a restaurant. Bus person job duties generally include clearing off and sanitizing tables for the next group of customers, disposing of trash and other waste, and keeping the restaurant stocked with adequate supplies, such as plates, glasses, silverware, and napkins. In many establishments, a bus person may be asked to fulfill a number of additional duties. Bussers/runners often help cooks, servers, dishwashers, and bartenders perform small tasks as needed.

Job Qualifications

What Are the Requirements for a Restaurant Busser/Runner Job?
A busser/runner must perform a surprising number of duties around a restaurant. As such, bus persons need to work at a fast and efficient yet tidy pace. Typically, younger workers around age 16 fill jobs as bussers, and most restaurants do not require job candidates to meet any educational or work-related criteria for employment. Bussing positions offer great exposure to the many jobs available in the restaurant industry. As with any job in the foodservice industry, bussers/runners must possess excellent customer service skills for any chance of faster promotion.

Applicants must share our passion for food, excellence, education and Latino culture.
Ideal candidates will be team players oriented with willingness to learn, lead & grow.
The right applicant will follow management’s instructions and suggestions.

Instructions: Due to the high number of applicants, we will only respond to applicants
who follow the instructions below. All other emails will be deleted!

Please attach a personalized cover letter + resume to the online application upon completion.


Thank you in advance for your time. We look forward to meeting you soon!