The other guys call it Cyber Monday. We call it “Cyber December!”
Buy a gift card for someone and you’ll get a bonus gift card for yourself!

By giving someone a gift card to our restaurant, you’re giving them that slow, exciting anticipation of a great evening out, and one that’s on the house to boot. Let your friends and family marvel at your generosity all night long, and save yourself the stress and hassle of shopping. Enough with running around town, parking headaches, and crowds. Oh, those crowds…

Give (and get) Bogota for the holidays! Take your wallet out exactly once and get gift cards for everyone today, tomorrow, the day after AND the day after that, too!

Order Your Holiday Gift Card & Receive a Special Gift Yourself!
Online or In House When You Spend
$50 get a $10 Bonus Card
$100 get a $20 Bonus Card
$150 get a $30 Bonus Card
$200 get a $40 Bonus Card