Host/Hostess (Weeknights/Weekends) 

Job Duties

What Are the Responsibilities of a Restaurant Host?
Hosts and hostesses perform a wide range of job duties. Responsibilities may vary between employers, but typically hosts and hostesses work as the first point of contact in offering an exceptional dining experience. Hosts and hostesses greet guests, estimate waiting times, guide guests to their tables, provide menus, inform guests about daily specials, and book reservations. Additionally, hosts or hostesses help regulate restaurant operations by maintaining constant contact with servers and kitchen staff. At some restaurants, hosts and hostesses may ring out customers on a cash register. New-hire associates typically receive paid training in order to learn the essential host job duties.

Job Qualifications

What Are the Requirements for a Restaurant Host Job?
Essential qualities in a host or hostess include a friendly personality, patience, organization, and the ability to multi-task. Workers must also possess the ability to stand for extended periods of time. Most restaurants set the minimum working age requirement for hosts and hostesses at 16 years old. Typically, restaurants do not ask for educational certifications for hosts or hostesses. For this and other entry-level jobs, restaurants do not generally require previous work experience in the foodservice industry.

Applicants must share our passion for food, excellence, education and Latino culture.
Ideal candidates will be team players oriented with willingness to learn, lead & grow.
The right applicant will follow management’s instructions and suggestions.

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