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Colombian Aji Sauce was introduced to Brooklyn residents in the summer of 2005, when George Constantinou and Farid Ali Lancheros fulfilled their dream of opening up Bogota Latin Bistro. From day one, George and Farid’s culinary and entrepreneurial goals were dynamic, and rooted in a deep respect for their Colombian culture and heritage. Not only did they want to serve delicious foods that transported guests to Latin American locales, but they also wanted to educate guests about the culture that goes hand in hand with delicious, robust and savory flavors.One way to do this was to place a bottle of Aji Sauce on every table in their Brooklyn restaurant. You see, in Colombia, a house is not yet a home without some freshly prepared Aji sauce on the kitchen table. It truly is the Latin American Ketchup! The presence of the Aji Table Sauces at Bogota Latin Bistro became an instant hit and by 2010, George and Farid began developing their sauce line and proudly named it MITI MITI.

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